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Robert Ubele

Chief School Director

Robert has 12 years experience in the field of education.  He graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science and concentration in history.

Robert began working at TAPS, an alternative school, in Franklinville, New Jersey.  He then began his professional teaching career in 2008 at Glen Mills Schools as a teacher/counselor.  In that capacity Robert served as a counselor, coach and mentor for students from all over the country.   In 2012 Robert completed his teacher intern certificate and left Glen Mills to accept a position teaching science and social studies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Young Scholars Douglas.  There he worked on the Path Academy floor with 5th through 8th graders instilling behavior norms and creating a positive learning environment for students with behavior issues that had removed themselves from the traditional classroom environment.  

Robert then accepted the challenge of joining a turn-around school when he went to teach at Young Scholars Kenderton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He taught science and social studies with the emotional support students ranging from 2nd to 8th grade.

In 2015 Robert was hired by Executive Education Academy Charter School to be the Team Leader for its evolving High School, specifically grades 9 and 10.  In recognition of his skill set and demonstrated leadership, Robert has been promoted to Chief School Director responsible for all daily operations of the growing upper school at EEACS.

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